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With daily
online piano lessons,
Amazing progress

This school offers 10-minute online lessons every day of the week (except Wednesdays).

As a result, students are making amazing progress.

There are three reasons for improvement.

1. You get into the habit of practicing. ​

2. You get just the right amount of advice.

3. You get how to practice properly at the moment.

Regular practice is important for improvement. But it is hard to keep practicing. Students at this school have the habit of practicing in their lives through frequent lessons.

10-minute lessons are enough to improve. Even if you are told many things in a lesson, you cannot improve everything at once. I will pinpoint what you need most at that moment, so you can move forward with proper practice.

I will also send you a report after the lesson. You can understand the content of the lesson in writing as well.

Let's make your musical goals come true at this school.

First, take a free trial lesson.


About Lesson

At this school, students can learn jazz piano, popular piano, and piano improvisation.


I have taught at a university and can handle advanced content.


The languages used in lessons are Japanese and English.

I have many students from beginners who played piano for the first time to professional musicians. Their ages range from elementary school students to seniors.

To reserve a lesson, simply click on the date and time of your choice on the reservation page. The school is open every day from morning to evening except Wednesday.

Lessons are available to people living anywhere in the world


Ryo Yamada 

Yamada lives in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan, and focuses on jazz piano and free improvisation. He has performed with numerous musicians. In addition, he has performed on stages and at events throughout Japan with artists in theater, art, and dance.

After working as a lecturer at a college and a contract artist for a hall, he is now freelance.


Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, majoring in composition. He has studied and been influenced by a variety of music including jazz, classical, contemporary, pop, and rock. 


Funk Style E.Piano


Jazz Piano

Lesson Fee

Daily 10 minute lesson

140€ / 140$ per month

You can take a 10-minute lesson every day, up to once a day.

*Wednesdays are closed.

Payment is automatically made via PayPal.


Please apply for a free trial lesson here.

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