Ryo Yamada (Pianist & Composer)

A resident of Tokyo, pianist/composer Ryo Yamada was born in 1983 and studied classical and contemporary music at Aichi University of the Arts, where he majored in music composition.  Following graduation, he has pushed conventional musical boundaries and captured audiences with experimental music, works utilizing various forms of media, and performance art pieces. He has collaborated with not only musicians, but also numerous theatrical, media, and dance artists.  He is also actively involved with public performance halls; in particular, in his work with Nagakute Cultural Center, he served as a signed artist on the creative staff from 2011 to 2014, where he was involved with the planning and management of creative projects.

As a pianist, he studied traditional jazz piano from his university days and started performing in jazz and free improvisational bands.  He performs today in live music clubs and halls, focusing on genreless improvisation, contemporary jazz, and popular music.

Henceforth, he aspires to broaden his range of musical activities and work with artists from all over the world.

Ryo is a lecturer at Nagoya University of the Arts, where he teaches courses on music composition, music theory, and solfege.

I am presently accepting offers to compose music to accompany images/videos; to perform piano for recordings; to perform live; and to conduct music lessons via Skype.  Other suggestions or ideas are welcome. Please feel free to contact me!